Ultimate Theta Portal Meditation

Ultimate Theta Portal Meditation


Theta Portal Meditation:

A guided meditation to reach Theta State in the comforts of your own home. This meditation is direct acess to your higest self where you are able to record and recieve the answers to your own questions. Using techniques that would normaly happen during a one on one session can now be accesed in your own home and repeated as much as needed. This offering is here for those who would like to support my work. 

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Your Answers

    Created with the intention for all to hear who need guidance to reaching a Theta state to reach your higest self for answers. This Ultimate guided Meditation is a direct link to answer your own questions by your higest self.

    Prepration: prior to meditation set the intention that you will find 3 questions that your higest self has the answers to that is to your higest and greatest good and to the higest and greatest good to all. After setting that intention spend to time outside in nature without out any distractions of phones, media, pets and people. You are 100% with yourself. Connect to your questions. Take a walk, sit in meditation, do what feels right and listen to what comes to you. Write that down, write out as much as you need to and circle 3 questions that are the upmost important to you at this particular time. Now it is time to find a quite space where you can be alone and uninterruppted for around an hour so you can dive deep and get your answers. Bring a pen and paper. This guideance is made so you can revisit over and over again to recieve answers form your higest self.