Clean. Handmade. Beauty. Naturally

I started this Soap Adventure to make soap that is beneficial to your body and to the environment. With the understanding that most of todays soap are filled with harmful chemicals. I have made it a point to choose organic ingredients and recyclable material whenever possible and have fostered amazing relationships with my small family run suppliers here in the USA who share the same passion of promoting sustainable healthy choices.  ​​Organic production fosters cycling of resources, promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity​.​​​​


 Does NOT contain: SLS , Phthalates , Parabens , Sulfates , Propylene Glycol , Benzene , or Triclosan.  

No Animal Testing.
​Fair Trade, Substainable Resources, Organic Oils.
These Handmade Items are Biodegradable and come in Recyclable Packaging.